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HMRC Fraudster List

HMRC Fraudster List - YBIX

Market researchers, a PPE provider and a football manager all avoided tax bills totalling £17m the last quarter and face millions of pounds in fines from HMRC

At the top of the list of deliberate tax defaulters was a PPE provider that racked up a multimillion pound tax bill during the early stages of the pandemic.

The worst example of tax evasion on HMRC’s latest list of deliberate tax defaulters was a supplier of PPE goods, Premium Brand Management Limited, which failed to pay a tax bill of £3,503,379.65 for a six-month period between January and June 2020 during the height of the covid pandemic. They now face a penalty of £1,410,110 but the company went into liquidation in June 2021 and is now in the hands of administrators. When it went bust, the company had not filed accounts since May 2019. On Companies House, the business described itself as a non specialised wholesaler of food, beverages and tobacco which was set up in 2010.

The most high profile name on the list was football manager, Manuel Luis Pellegrini Ripamonti, currently managing Real Betis in Spain, who is facing a £816,000 tax bill for a three-year period from April 2014 to April 2017, overlapping the time he was managing Manchester City and living in Altrincham. He has been given a penalty of £343,728.

Building design and drafting business, Hebe & Huhet ran up an unpaid tax bill of £573,897 in 15 months to September 2020 and faces a fine of £516,507. According to Companies House voluntary strike-off action was suspended in March as the company was disputing the decision.

HMRC’s list names over 100 individuals and businesses who have failed to pay their taxes and been identified in the last three months. Between them they owe tax totalling £17,163,109 with penalties amounting to £10,317,155, down from last quarter’s £12.5m penalty total. Activity has quietened down since earlier in the year when HMRC handed out a staggering £27.9m in fines in March.

The largest fine in the construction sector was for a glazing and domestic building company, Birmingham-based Mos Services Mid Ltd, which owed £924,888 in unpaid taxes in a single tax year, and was handed a £647,421 fine.

Meantime a Lithuanian haulage business, UAB Vaidmilda, has not paid a tax bill of £1.09m for year end June 2020 and is facing a £599,825 fine for unpaid tax.

Some of the largest tax bills this quarter include a labour provider involved in construction and repair of motor vehicles, A S Services, based in London which failed to pay £452,000 in taxes over a 19-month period and faces a £316,602 penalty unpaid tax.

A Chinese restaurant, Dashi Cuisine which traded as Lychee Oriental in Glasgow, failed to pay taxes of £359,917 over a three-year period and now faces a £151,000 penalty.

A specialist healthcare market research agency, Blueprint Partnership, failed to pay a tax bill of £338,551 from two years from October 2010 to December 2012 and has been handed a penalty of £243,756.


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